Singer, song writer, keyboardist & producer "Tayme' tee" with his soul meets contemporary music style well blended with Jazz-Afro sub hues, effortlessly inspires and carries the audience using a unique tone and depth of emotion that hits at the heart of his fans.

In 2011 Tayme' tee stayed at #1 for 5 weeks in the Best of Urban Charts on 'Always love you' from the first album - So Good - very well received and heavily rotated on radio stations in the UK, US, Nigeria, Germany, Italy and other international countries, ranked #3, #2 and #1 on the soul chart and stayed in the top 3 for 4 weeks. The track also reached #1 on the top 100 soul songs ( as well as making top 3 under the track of the month in April 2010. Tayme' tee also featured regularly on the top 10 list of UK gospels artistes, peaking at #1 on several occasions on the Reverbnation and Best of Urban Artistes charts on in May 2010.

The current album titled Gonne Be OK featuring the popular theme song 'Gonne Be O.K' appealed to a range of listeners across gospel, soul, pop and rnb genres, and the superb '1 Life' dance remix proved a success with select London based DJs due to its cross cultural dynamic. This 8-track must-have album moves from reflective and soulful to dance led by Tee's smooth vocals and simply inspired lyrics.

Tayme' tee has a strong message of Hope and Love drawn from spiritual and life lessons which he perfectly captures in his music.

He is definitely an artiste to watch.

See below for reviews of "SO GOOD":

"Four Kornerz have already proved to any skeptics than Nigerians can do the R&B gospel thing as well as any American or Brit. If you still had any doubts, here comes another soul-inspired Nigerian to convince you. Tayme lives in London and recorded this album in London and LA - in the studio recently set up over there by UK jazz man Mike Parlett (who turns up with his saxophone on a couple of tracks)...."
George Luke

'One of the stronger RnB/Jazz releases to come out in a while - strong instrumentation, superb arrangements, and truly scrumptious on the ears - nice!'
Yinka Awojobi,

"....Tayme’ Tee’s debut album ‘So Good’ is one collection of original songs that’s worthy of note. Written and produced by the emerging musician and choir director, the 10-track CD is a mixture of warm praise songs and worshipful ballads ideal for getting listeners in a contemplative mood.."
Kimberley Ward,


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